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Must Do

Before You Travel:

Good travel is the result of good planning. HajjandUmrahexperts is always conscious about the comfort and security of its valued clients. We leave no room for you unattended. You satisfaction and facility has always been our prime tasks. In continuation of this extensive care, we would like to intimate certain precautions regarding Umrah travel before the beginning of your journey. Here are some important things which you must add into your preparations for Umrah. Read following steps and recheck your packing to confirm that you have not missed any of the following.

Legal Requirements:

To enter into any country you must know the legal system which varies from country to country. Saudi Arabia is also a country which has certain legal system and Basic laws. Before entering into Saudi Arabia check your required legal documents which include your passport, visa, ticket, booking card or certificate issued by the travel agency you have hired for your Umrah arrangements.

You also need your meningitis vaccine certificate. Other documents are your ID Card, Hotel Vouchers, Transport Vouchers or Tickets.

Also keep an extra copy of all these essential documents to avoid any loss.

You can also keep an electronic copy of all your necessary documents. E-mail all documents to yourself and someone back at home for extra safety.


A prayer mat.

Keep two sets of Ihram with you.

Take a pair of comfortable slippers. Be sure you have packed those slippers which are easy to walk with.

Your clothes must be in accordance with the hot weather conditions of Saudi Arabia.

Guide Book:

Do not forget to keep your guide book for Umrah with you. You will get it from the travel agency you are travelling with or you can purchase it at your own.

Money Matter:

Make sure that your card work in Saudi Arabia.

Otherwise keep sufficient amount of local cash with you.


Make sure you have carried all your necessary medicines with you.


Charger of phone and an extra cable.


An Umbrella

One bag for your documents.

One medicine box.

A big hard case which is easy to carry.


One pair of towels.

Bath soap or body wash.

Hand wash and face wash.

One shaving cream.

One tooth brush and tooth paste.

One comb.

Disposable razors.

Small mirror.

One packet of tissue.

One small hand cream.

Above check list will save you from facing any difficulty during your stay. It is necessary to make preparation before time so that you do not make hassle and forget any item at the last moment. These precautions will make your journey soothing. Keep in view all the above mentioned advices for a reliable trip.